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Buy Viagra Online in the USA

Buy Viagra Online in the USA

Viagra is the most renowned treatment for erectile dysfunction. Also known as ‘'the little blue pill’', Viagra is available in three doses- 25mg, 50mg, as well as 100mg. During the clinical trials, all three doses have provided favorable results appropriate for sexual intercourse. Over the years, Viagra has been used by millions of men and has established itself as an effective method to treat impotence. Generally, a patient’s Viagra dose begins at 50 mg but may be increased or decreased based on its effectiveness.

Viagra should be taken thirty to sixty minutes before the intercourse. It is advisable to take it without a meal as the fat present in the meal can reduce and defer its absorption which may reduce the effectiveness of Viagra. Although it should be taken 30 to 60 mins before the intercourse, its effect endures in the body for up to six to eight hours. It acts upon immediately and does not have any permanent effects on the body once it breaks down.

The time taken for elimination of Viagra from the body may be slightly longer in older people as well as in people with kidney or liver diseases. You should always consult your doctor and inform him or her about your medical condition, over the counter medications, dietary supplements that you are taking, and prescription medications.

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